What is Web Design? | How to design a website

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Website Design is one of the most reliable careers in the upcoming days. If you are a creative person and love internet, then web design is a right career for you. On an average, people use 3-4 hrs internet in a day. On the internet most of the time we interact with web pages whether it is social media or any other information. We love to spend time on the internet for entertainment, information, sports, news, etc. That is why designing a website for businesses, offices, corporate is increasing day by day.

People from any field want to grow their business online. To grow business online you need to put the information online and here the website plays that role. The website basically a set of pages containing information regarding your business or about you, While it put online, people from across the globe can reach you easily.

What is the use of Web design?

Nowadays, every Govt. institution, private corporate offices, small enterprise, large businesses made the information public through a website and hence the system becomes more transparent.

Every academic institution has a website from where students and teachers can interact which releases the burden from authority. These institutions or businesses require Web Designer to build the website.

Hence any school going student or college going student can choose Web Design as a part-time career which can help them a lot to look after the family.

How to design a website with HTML

text-editor, Notepadd++

We live in a digital era where information becomes so easy to fetch, there are so many Educational portals where you can register and start learning Web Designing from today. Youtube(https://www.youtube.com/) is something that revolutionized the Education system by providing free online video streaming. Apart from this Some of the websites are where you can register your name and can learn anything you want.

Languages you must know for web design

For web-designing, we must know some basic programming languages, since the websites consist of some web-pages which are written in some languages. So, basic language for web-designing is HTML(HyperText Markup Language), CSS(Cascading Style Sheet) and JavaScript.

HTML is not a programming language since it doesn’t have the decision making capability. It is used for basic writing. CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is used to design the page or HTML page. Also, Javascript is used to make the page dynamic.

A dynamic page is defined as the page which is responsive. and user-interactive. Responsive means the device which Automatically adjusts its size according to device-width

, and the user can interact with the admin. Apart from this, Some Photoshop Knowledge is necessary for designing a beautiful and interactive website.

Text Editor /Software required for Web Design

  • Notepad++
  • Bracket
  • Sublime text
  • Adobe Photoshop

Careers in Web Design

India is now a growing digital economy. Everything has been changed from manual control to digital control In such a situation, the Web -designer has a huge demand. A web-designer can design websites for schools, colleges, universities, small businesses, and enterprises.

Apart from this if you have good knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript then you can earn money by Freelancing. Freelancing is a process where you do not work under anybody, but take the contract and do this from home. There are so many freelancing websites where you can register and earn money from home.


Since technology is updating in each and every alternate day, so you can’t rely upon a particular technology, Upgrading yourself on changing technology can help in the coming days. Who knows, the same technology that you are expert today may not compete with other technology in next year. Hence, I recommend you, start learning new technologies like C#, .NET(which is Microsoft platform) apart from known languages. It will help to sustain you in the market.

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