What is online education: Is it really effective?

what is online education

Online Education Introduction:

Due to the data revolution in the last few years, people start using the internet more and more in India. Research says that people in India spend an average 4hrs/day on the internet. It is because accessing information becomes easier and hence Online Education becomes more popular among the students.

Earlier, students used to learn on offline platforms like classes, tuitions, etc. But, Days have gone!! Today’s kids are blessed with technology.

They can learn anything and everything from their homes. The technology that enables students to learn Online is called Online Education.

Online Education allows a student to learn things either through video classes or online live classes. In video format, a student can see the video multiple times if he has doubts about a particular topic.

What are the types of online learning?

There are various types of online courses available on the internet. Primarily we can divide it into 2 categories.

  1. Pre-recorded video sessions.
  2. Live Online Education

Many Online Learning companies provided bot live online classes as well as pre-recorded videos.

What are the benefits of online education?

Till 2010-11, There was no concept of online learning. We used to follow the conventional method of learning where a teacher used to teach multiple students at a time. It was difficult to explain things to each and every individual.

Even sometimes a single teacher used to teach multiple subjects to the students. In rural areas, the student even didn’t get a qualified teacher nearby. Students used to travel long distances to continue their studies.

And ideally, it is not possible also to explain things to each and every individual sitting in a class.

Over online education, a student can learn a particular subject from the best teacher in the world. He can download a particular video and watch it multiple times.

There is also a concept of live online classes. Students can join any Online Education platform and attend live classes. In live classes, basically a teacher teaches the students in live. Teachers can interact with the students and ask questions.

What course can I take online?

Well, Online Learning is such a big platform where a student can learn anything and get the certification. Not only students but a professional or employee can also learn technical skills from online to upgrade his skills.

Starting from Computer Programming to Science, technology, Maths, Accountancy, Business Development, Management, etc everything is available here.

What is the best online learning?

There are many Online Learning platforms in India. Some of them are:

  1. Byjus
  2. Vedantu
  3. UnAcademy
  4. Udemy
  5. SimpliLearn
  6. Toppr
  7. Coursera
  8. Khan Academy
  9. Extramarks
  10. Jaro education

These are the company that are most popular in Online Education. Each one of them are famous in their own segment.

Suppose for eg, Byjus is famous for Quality content and pre-recorded videos for students and competitive exams. Similarly, Vedantu is famous for live online education and instant support.

Advantages of Online Education

  • In online educations, a student can download and watch a video multiple times. As a result, a student can solve and clear doubts without going to teachers.
  • A student can learn anything from the best teacher which is not possible in conventional classes.
  • The animated video lectures in online education help students to remember for a long time.
  • The cost of Online Education is much lower than in offline coaching classes.
  • Online education actually saves time and helps the student to focus on self-study.
  • For professionals, it will help without affecting job life.

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