What is Domain and Web hosting: Simple guide

what is domain and hosting

Domain and Hosting are the most important things to know before setting up or creating a website. One cannot set up a website on the internet without the idea of domain and web hosting. Today, I will tell you what is domain and web hosting in detail.

What is Domain in website:

A domain is the name of your web address that people can find you on the internet. On the internet, there is a concept of Internet Protocol Address(IP address) which is used to identify the location of the web. For example, This IP address corresponds to www.rangeelaa.in, To make the IP address simpler, we use the domain name. Any address on the web is a domain name.

Do not confuse domain name with website name, For example, google.com is the domain name of the website Google, similarly, facebook.com is the domain name that has a website Facebook. The domain name and website are totally different.

What is Domain Registration:

To open a website or web address you need to register your website name to the domain provider like you register your company name to the concerned Govt office before opening it. The domain register company will check it, if the name is available on the internet then you can register it instantly. There are many companies which provide these services. Some popular companies are Godaddy, Bluehost, Bigrock, etc.

You can create an account on any of these websites and check your domain name if it is available then you can register it. Generally, it charges more for Top-level domains like .com or .in or any rich keyword domain where competition is high. For example, mathsacademy.com may have a higher price than mathsacademy.xy(any low-level domain). Sometimes rich keyword domain becomes difficult to get directly, at that moment you have to for auction.

I generally use Godaddy, Hence I will explain how you can register on Godaddy platform

Types of Domain:

There are 3 types of domain:

  1. Top-Level Domain(T.L.D): These are the domain which is used globally. For Example .com domain. .com domain generally used for commercial purposes. The benefit of .com are that it ranks quickly compare to other domains. If you are running your business and want it to expand globally, then shift your website domain into .com domain.
  2. Country Code Top-Level Domain(ccTLD): These are the domain which is region oriented or confined within a country. Each ccTLD identifies a country and it is only two-letter long. for eg: .in(means India), .us(United States), .uk(United Kingdom).
  3. Generic Top-level Domains: These are the most common and familiar top-level-domains. Example: .edu or.net or .org

Difference between a Domain Name and a Website Name:

Today we will discuss how a domain name is different from the website.

  • After registering a domain you can’t use it directly as your website. You can use it for a website or for an email when you want it. You can have a domain name without having a website. But you cannot have a website without a domain name.
  • A domain name is a name that people type on the internet to find your website, hence sometimes we call it web-address.
  • Registering a domain name is not a website, it is just a name to find your site, people can’t find your site unless you create your site on your domain name.
  • Here Knowledgecare.in is the domain name of this website. That means when you type this address on your browser, you can find my website Knowledge Care.

What is Web Hosting:

s These companies have different data centers all around the world, these data centers keep the data in their server 24*7 so that people can access at any time.

As I mentioned web hosting is the process of keeping your data to the server for 24*7, They keep the data into various data centers so that if in case of any emergency data losses, it can be recovered.

There are many web hosting company which provides hosting services, Some popular web hosting company are GoDaddy Hosting, Bigrock, etc. They provide all kinds of supports, the security of your data and backups.

Conclusion with a small example:

At last, I will explain the domain with a different example, say you want to have an electricity connection to your home. For that you need to do few things, Firstly you will go to the electricity office and register your name. After registering, the workers will come and connect the electricity connection in your home. isn’t it!! For that, you have to pay a registration charge to the electricity board.

After connection, suppose you start using the electricity, so what you do? You pay a certain amount bill every month right!! The amount of money that you paid every month for utilizing electricity can be called a Hosting charge.

I hope guys, you can understand the basic knowledge about what is Domain and Web hosting, if you like this article, please share with your friends.

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