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We are living in a generation where information is the basic essence for operating any organization or office. Shala Darpan is an online portal where information related to govt schools, colleges, and offices is kept online and kept updated regularly. In Shala Darpan, Live data are run in connection with primary students, secondary students, academic staff, and non-academic staff.

Objectives of Shala Darpan

The Primary Objective of the Shala Darpan is to integrate schools, colleges of the state under one roof and make the information easier. The portal will help to track all pieces of information related to academics by any government authority any time from anywhere. Through this portal, people can check their children’s information online who are studying in the government school of the state.

Benefits of Shala Darpan

Benefits of Shala Darpan Scheme are as follows:

  • All citizens of Rajasthan can take advantage of this scheme, who want to give better education to their children in good schools.
  • All information related to education and government schools has been started with education by the Rajasthan Government Education Department with transparency for the people of the state.
  • The database of all departments related to education is managed on the Shala Darpan web portal.
  • People of the state can get complete information about all the employees of the school and office of education through this online portal, anytime from anywhere.
  • This will also save people time.

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