SEO Full Form: What is SEO

Search Engine Optmization

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO

Search Engine Optimization is an online marketing technique to rank on search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing for a particular keyword. The ranking of web pages on the search engine depends upon various factors.  Depending upon this S.E.O is divided into two groups:

Types of SEO

1.        On-Page S.E.O

2.        Off-Page S.E.O

On-page SEO is defined as the action taken on websites or web pages to improve SEO ranking. For example: when we upload a website on a server, it might have some issues with the page loading, user interphase, and meta tags, etc. Fixing these issues will help to improve On-page SEO. We can fix these issues by various free tools available on the internet.

How keyword is useful in SEO

Uber Suggest By Neil Patel to research keyword. The tool gives a complete analysis of the search volume of any keyword, CPC(Cost Per Click), Paid difficulty and SEO Difficulty. It also gives a relative analysis of competitors ranked keyword and top-ranked pages. There are a lot of tools like SEOquake, small SEO Tools, Mozbar which give the free analysis of On-Page data.

According to an article I read few days back, S.E.O depends upon more than 200 factors, so one cannot focus on 200 factors at a time. Hence to realize these factors once need to follow a few guidelines given by google.

Days have gone when people completely rely upon S.E.O organically, due to the rise in competition people start searching an alternate way to rank the website. Because S.E.O is a very slow process, it gives the result no doubt but it takes time.

Major SEO factors that you must know

Today I will share some important S.E.O factors that directly impact on your ranking. Some of the major factors that directly associated with your ranking.

  1. Firstly domain name,  Domain name affects SEO ranking. Choose Top-level Domain(TLD) like .com or .in or .uk. Top-level domain is preferred more compared to other domain like .xyz or .pk, .nk .
  2. Secondly, choose website layout structure user-friendly so that user experience gets better. If you have a dynamic interactive layout, visitors will stay more and more time to your site which ultimately helps in S.E.O ranking. If the user experience is bad, visitors will come, but they will immediately bounce back. This will increase the bounce rate. As a result, S.E.O ranking will be badly affected.
  3. Buy SSL certificate which helps Google to understand that your site is secure.
  4. We know that content is the king,  today also content plays a vital role in S.E.O.  Good quality content has a better SEO score than a qualityless content. So, always focus on content which helps the visitor to spend more and more time on your web pages, which ultimately helps in ranking.
  5. Always remember keyword density during creating content. A keyword is defined as the users’ search word on Google or Bing. Try to keep the keyword density between 3-5%.  This range is the optimum level and good for SEO.
  6. Try to build Back-links for your sites.  People often try to buy links from other sites but they don’t get the desired results. It’s a misconception that more the backlinks, more the S.E.O ranking, this is not true. Rather have some relevant backlinks, it’s enough for any sites. Try to get .edu or .gov backlinks. These sites have high domain scores and that this why getting links from these sites improves S.E.O ranking.
  7. If you are a blogger or website owner always upload your sitemap to Google Search Console. If you don’t upload it to Google webmaster, Google won’t be able to detect your web pages. Hence it is recommended that always upload a sitemap.xml file to Google Search Console.
  8. One of the important factors that people don’t use “alt” tag on images, Google crawlers don’t detect images unless it has an alt tag that asks google to read this. Give an alt tag to every image on your site.

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