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One Nation One Ration Card Scheme is a flagship scheme launched by the union minister Ram Vilas Paswan in 2019. The government of India has prepared a standard format for all ration card holders under one guideline which is also known as One Nation One Ration Card. The scheme will allow people to get subsidized food grains at a cheaper rate from any public distribution system shops throughout the country.

The scheme was started in 4 states initially on pilot mode. The scheme was started operating in 8 states from 1st January 2020. These states are Telangana, Rajasthan, Kerala, Tripura, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh.

After the implementation of this scheme, the entire country will have one ration card system. This is a card that will ensure every cardholder can take the benefits of subsidized food grains from any ePOS enabled shop across the country.

Scheme Highlights

Name of the SchemeOne Nation, One Ration Card Scheme
Launched ByUnion Food Minister Ram Vilas Paswan
Launch Year2019
Objective of the schemeTo give adequate food grains to the economically poor sections of the country with one card.
BeneficiaryIndian citizen
Monitored ByFood Corporation of India
Official Website

Key Features of One Nation One Ration Card Scheme

The key features of One Nation One Ration Card Scheme are as follows:

  • The scheme is just an extension of earlier ration card. There is no need to apply for a new ration card. All previous ration cardholders under this scheme will be able to take the benefits from PDS(Public Distribution System) shops across the country.
  • The beneficiaries under the One Nation One Ration Card Scheme will be verified through Adhar based identification through a system called the electronic point of sale(PoS). All the dealers(PDS Shops) will have this device to verify the beneficiary. The important point here is that state which has 100% PoS machines will be included under the “One Nation One Ration Card Scheme”.
  • Currently, almost 77% of PDS shops have PoS machines installed in their shops, and almost 85% of the people who come under the National Food Security Act(NFSA) linked their cards with the Aadhar.
  • The language is a barrier in our system, different states have different languages. Hence, the language in One Nation One Ration Card will be in a bilingual format. The central govt has asked state govt to print the ration card in two languages. One is in local languages and the others would-be either Hindi or English.
  • The new ration card will have a standard 10 digit ration card number. The first two digits indicate the state he/she belongs to whereas the next two digits specify the running ration card number.
  • In the new One Nation One Ration Card Scheme, any Indian citizen can apply for this scheme. If the applicant is a child or below 18 years old, then the name will be included under the parent’s Ration Card.
  • The scheme will provide food grains at the cheapest rate. Under this scheme, each BPL family will receive 35kg of food grains at a fixed rate. The price of Rice per kg is Rs 2 whereas wheat is Rs 3/kg.

Objective of the scheme

The primary objective of the One Nation One Ration Card Scheme is to provide sufficient essential food grains to the poor people across the country at an affordable price.

Benefits of One Nation One Ration Card Scheme 2020

Below are the main benefits of One Nation One Ration Card Scheme that one can get:

  • This is a scheme that will help poor migrant workers who migrated from their native district to other districts/ states for work. They can get the ration items with the same card even if they reside in any other state of the country.
  • This scheme will reduce corruption such as black marketing by the PDS(Public Distribution Selling) shops. Earlier, they used to sell through the black door in the absence of the beneficiary.
  • The scheme will ensure enough food for the poorer section. This will reduce hunger death in the country and improve the rank of Indian in the Global Hunger Index.

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One Nation One Ration Card Scheme
One Nation One Ration Card Scheme