How to use Linkedin to find a job in 2020

How to use Linkedin to find your job easily

What is Linkedin

Linkedin is a professional portal where professionals from different communities or industries get connected together. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, we can’t use Linkedin in the same way. To find a genuine job, one should use Linkedin actively which is the most trusted portal all over the world. Many MNC’s advertise their job on Linkedin.

Here people share their thoughts related to technology or any industry related to their profession. You can easily get connected to the Human Resource (HR) Recruiter of any company through Linkedin.

You can send a connection request to that particular person you want to connect with. Generally, in Linkedin people don’t hesitate to accept connection requests as all are professionals.

As of 2019, Linkedin is the largest professional network having more than 660 million users across the globe.

10 ways to use LinkedIn to get a job

  1. First, you have to design or fill all the information in your Linkedin profile which plays an important role in getting a job. Choose a professional photo rather than a casual on your profile. Remember it is the first impression whenever the recruiter lands on your profile.
  2. Write your profile summary, It includes all the skills and experience that you carry. Linkedin provides a 2000 word section to summarize your profile. Try to utilize most of it.
  3. Add your resume to the Linkedin profile so that the recruiter can directly see your resume. You can also include your Linkedin profile address to your resume.
  4. Always keep your Linkedin profile up to date. An outdated profile is neglected by recruiters. Add your recent work experience and qualification.
  5. Send connection requests to all the HRs of different companies, if they accept the connection request send them a message. For Example: Hi Recruiter/sir, I am XYZ, I am a graduate in Electronics Engineering seeking new job opportunities. If you have any, please let me know. I will be highly grateful to you.
  6. Try to connect as many people as you can. Linkedin provides a feature where you can see the posts liked or comment by your connection. It makes it more powerful. Suppose you have 500 connections in your list and everyday people from your list like a post from their own connection list. As a result, information reaches more people.
  7. You can ask them for referring if they don’t have any current vacancies.
  8. There is an option Career interest on Linkedin, you can switch to ON so that the recruiter identifies your interests.
  9. Try to engage with your connection through various posts related to your field. It will engage more and more people to your profile.
  10. Always talk with your connection professionally. Never try to use it as social media. Recruiters don’t like it.

How to search job on Linkedin:

how to search job in linkedin

Searching something in digital media follows a simple trick. The trick is called Boolean Search. If you want to search for anything on google or any platform like an e-commerce site or a portal just use the Boolean search.

The reason behind this is that Google or Linkedin doesn’t understand what you are trying to say. For example, you entered in Flipcart: Samsung white color mobile price 10000, This will give numbers of results along with your desired results.

Because all the keyword you entered is converted to either 1 or 0. Hence always use Boolean algebra AND, OR, AND to get precise results. The same trick you can use here on Linkedin. To find a job you just use keywords.

For example, you are a software engineer and you want to get a job in Bangalore. Just put the keyword “Software Engineer” OR “Developer” AND Bangalore, You will get the desired results.

Don’t put unnecessary keywords otherwise, you will get irrelevant results.

Tricks to get a job from Linkedin

Apart from the above techniques, there are many groups and communities on Linkedin. You can join them. Everyday people from different industries post there job vacancies and company requirements. I found it very useful.

Many companies share their job requirements on their Linkedin pages, You can specifically visit the Linkedin page of a particular company and apply for the job. This will help you get a job easily from the Linkedin network.

You can watch this video to know how you can get a job easily form Linkedin:

Does anyone get jobs from LinkedIn?

Well, Thousands of job seekers get job offers from various multi-national companies through Linkedin. In the USA, people mostly used Linkedin to find jobs. All the MNC’s post their requirements on this portal, and even I got multiple offers from two companies through Linkedin.

For this all you need to update your profile and active on Linkedin frequently. You can like and share useful information, as a result, there is a chance of visiting your profile by company people.

People who are visiting your profile, you can check their background and ask them about any openings. This will help you to get a job quickly.

Is it better to apply for jobs through LinkedIn?

It is always better to check the background of the company before applying for any job. Nowadays some people start frauding on Linkedin also. So, it is always better to check the background of the company before moving ahead.

However, if you know company backgrounds you can apply through Linkedin. Apart from that if you know the HR or any employee, you can ask him to refer you. You can also share the employee referral ID to apply for any job.

3 ways to increase your reach in Linkedin

  • Use # Tag: # tag plays an important role in Linkedin compare to any other portals. Using the right #tag can reach a huge audience. Use less tag but use the precise tag. It will help you to reach more people.
  • Share valuable content: You can share useful information. People on Linkedin may not follow you but can see your content if anyone from their network liked or commented in your post.
  • Regular post blog: Posting a regular blog on Linkedin helps one to feature in Linkedin Post, It means Linkedin Features these people in its portal.

How to get clients from Linkedin

You can grow your business on Linkedin. Since all the CEO, COO, and CTO of big companies are there on Linkedin. Hence it becomes easier to approach them to sell your services or products. You can message them or send an in-mail. In-mail is a special feature given by Linkedin.

It is used to send mail to people who are not in your connection list or people who forgot to accept your connection request. In-mail is a premium feature, if you send in-mail to anyone, it will directly go to the inbox of that particular concerned person. It is not possible for free Linkedin users.


From my experience, I can say that Linkedin is more powerful than social media if you know the art of utilizing it. I see people who are earning lakhs rupees through Linkedin.

Hope this article will help you guys to get a job easily.

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