In today’s world, each and every individual spent around 4 to 5 hours on the internet each day. Most of us search for something to gather information for education, entertainment, sports, etc. People try to get an easier answer from search engines like Google or Yahoo. People don’t like the information which contains unnecessary information. Hence, everyone read the information or contents which is simple and easier to understand.

Search Engine like Google or Yahoo shows the most relevant answer to the user. Hence, Each blogger should always keep it in mind that the contents that you are writing for your blog must be simple and straightforward. The blog that contains the most relevant answer, the search engines like Google crawls it first and show the results.

Blogging probably one of the best sources of income for all the bloggers who have spent some time on their blog. Initially, it takes some time to give you money, once it starts getting traffics, nothing can pull you away from earning money. 

 If you are an employee, working in an office, doesn’t get enough time to write long long articles. Don’t worry, I have a simple suggestion, just start writing one or two articles each week apart from busy office time. Continue it 3/ 4 months you will see that traffic starts coming to your site and once your blog ranks in Google first page, you will get money from Google Adsense.

Now I will share my story of starting blogging. I always wanted to earn something besides my job and education. So, while I came across the success stories of many bloggers and their earning, I realized that I could start that long before. But, you know lacking career awareness kept us lagging. Then I thought that “better start late than never”, and I started sharing the knowledge whatever I know.

Most of us who are from non-technical background think that blogging needs coding, and since you have no idea of coding, so you left that option. But today, I will suggest you, if you think that you love writing or want to share your knowledge with others, start blogging today.

Nowadays, you don’t need coding knowledge to start blogging. There are so many themes on the internet specifically for blogging,  or you can start it using WordPress.

To start blogging using WordPress, watch my ……

Steps to start Blogging:

How to buy web hosting , godaddy web hosting

  1. First, buy a domain name for your blog. The domain is nothing but one kind of registration on the internet which is a unique name so that visitor can find you using that particular address. For example( To buy a domain, you can visit either Godaddy or Bigrock.

2. Then buy a hosting plan from any server. There are so many sites which provide hosting services.  I preferably use Godaddy hosting( server. You can also buy from Bluehost or Bigrock.  Hosting of your site means you are putting your information or webpages to the server so that people can see it.

3. If you are a new blogger who has a financial problem, I will suggest you start in Google Blogger( It is totally free. After 4/5 months when traffic to your site starts increasing, you can change the domain name to your own customized name.

4. Another way, you can start WordPress blogging. It is the most loved platform for blogging as it provides everything for blogging. It provides various plugins from customization to SEO(Search Engine Optimisation).

5. That’s enough to start a new blog. All you need some patience to get back the result.