How to get leads for your businesses

How to get leads for your businesses

Getting leads regularly is the backbone of any business. Every business owner wants more and more leads for the business, and in maximum cases, people get leads. But they can’t convert it into customers. Today, I will discuss some important tricks to get leads for your business, sorry rather I would say the quality leads.

Firstly, Leads are the potential customers who have interset on your product or services. To convert them to buyers, you need to push them to buy your product. But often we get the information or leads of those who have a rare interest in our particular product or service, as a result, we don’t find the potential leads.

Maximum people, even I made this mistake during my initial days, but if you can target your audience precisely, you will surely get the results.

Just Dial:

Well, now I am going to share how can you get potential leads using different tricks: Use Just Dial: Just Dial is India’s largest retail business platform where millions of businesses are registered. Here the business owner shares all the details related to their businesses and contact details.

So, if you are looking for leads, you can target these businesses from just Dial. remember, Just Dial is a free platform, hence if you want to get direct leads from Just Dial, you can shift your plan to premium. Just Dial Premium plan allows you to get the leads directly from Just dial.

Google Local Business Platform:

Google’s local business platform also gives a genuine and precise lead. It is totally a free platform and you can register your business upon this. It basically works locally, means when someone searches something on Google, Google gives some local results to the top of the first page. If you can optimize your local listing on Google, you can get quality leads from Google local business.

India Mart:

India Mart is India’s largest B2B platform which connects all the buyers to sellers. Here wholesalers sell their products to whole India, If you are selling wholesale products, you can register to IndiaMart portal. IndiaMart is a bit expensive, but it gives very quality leads, I have experienced this, it charges money for leads, but these leads can be easily converted to customers. You can register your business to IndiaMart to get these benefits.

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media becomes a powerful platform nowadays, hence it is easier to convey your information to the target customer. Platform like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter has billions of audiences all around the world. You can run ads on these platforms to generate leads.

Social Media Marketing becomes a key source of revenue generation for e-commerce industries. All the e-commerce applications save the cache data to the browser, which later used for re-marketing. From re-marketing, the conversion rate is comparatively higher than other platforms.

Using Quora:

Quora is a powerful platform where people frequently ask their questions and if you can actively reply to these queries on Quora, people start engaging with you. As a result, you can get potential leads from Quora.

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