Free 5 tools to rank #1 in Google: SEO tips

How to rank #1 in Google

People starting a new career in Blogging always find difficulty to rank in search engines. Sometimes they spend dollars and dollars to get ranked #1 on Google. But because of lacking knowledge and research they miss lot of free tools. These free tools almost have the same features as the paid tools. Initial stage anyone can use these free tools, later when your blog starts driving traffic, you can shift to paid tools.

Today, I am going to tell you the most important SEO tools that are available on internet for free. You can research your keyword, identify your competitors, competitors’ backlinks and content ideas. I am sure if you can utilize these tools rightly, you can get the same results as the paid tools give.

Now let us discuss these tools one by one:

Tool1: Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a tool that provides by Google to analyze the website performance and error on a web page. It can be accessed only by Website-owner. This tool has various features like you can check whether your post gets ranked or not, website performance, its speed, coverage, and mobile usability.

How can I register to Google Search Console

To register in Google Search Console, just click here. Register all the information and put your website URL, it will generate a code that you need to pass on your site.

After generating the code, copy it and paste it to the header of your site. Header means <head> code </head>

Tool2: Structured Data Markup Helper

Well, everyone wants to see their website on Google search results, if you know how the Google algorithms actually works, depending upon the type of the site Google shows different results.For eg, for ecommerce site the snippet site is different compare to a simple image site.

To learn more, you can see the Neil Patel video on How can you rank #1 on Google

Tool3 Google trends

Google Trends also a wonderful tool that helps to research your keyword. It gives overall data of the 2/3 years on a particular keyword.

It also allows to find out the most trending search on internet location wise.

Tool 4 Uber Suggest:

Uber Suggest probably one of the most used free tool owned by Neil Patel, It is one such tool that gives complete SEO features that one need. I personally use this tool and I get the results also. It gives the complete analysis of your competitor keyword along with backlinks.

The interphase of Ubersuggest look like this:

from above, we can see that when someone enter a particular keyword, along with country, it gives this information. In left part of the menu, you can see the various features are shown. When you click on overview, you will get the page that is shown above.

After that, you can see that keyword ideas option, when you click this option you will be re-directed to all the related keywords as well as their search volume.

Then you can find Content Idea option. This option actually gives all the post that are ranking on first page of Google, from that you can have an idea of how to write content of your post.

There are so many option, just click each and every option one by one, you will find all the SEO related information.

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