Bihar Ration Card List 2020: बिहार राशन कार्ड सूची | EPDS Bihar अन्तोदय (AAY, PHH) List

Are you searching for the Bihar Ration Card list 2020? If so, then you are on the right page on the internet. If you are from Bihar and want to check your name in the Bihar Ration Card list 2020, then this article is for you. Today, In this article I will guide you on how to check the new ration card list of Bihar.

So, let’s start!!

Bihar Ration Card List-न्यू लिस्ट

Ration Card is one of the important documents for poor sections of the society in India. As we know, Ration Card can be used to get subsidized food grains given by the government. Apart from this, the Ration Card is also used as an important document for various purposes. For example, Ration Card can is used for an Identity purpose.

Due to the pandemic and lockdown, people all around the country especially middle-class and lower-middle-class face financial issues. Under this circumstances, the Bihar Government with the help of central government takes various steps to help people of the state.

To provide various essential commodities such as rice, oil, dal, kerosene to the poor section, the government set some guidelines such as people who have Ration Card can avail these benefits.

Types of ration cards

Ration cards are classified into three categories-

1. APL Ration CardAPL stands for Above Poverty Line. APL Ration Card is a ration card especially for families who live above the poverty line, anyone from Bihar can apply for this ration card. APL ration card is found in orange color.

2. BPL Ration Card BPL stands for Below Poverty Line. BPL Ration Card is for families who live below the poverty line. For BPL cardholders, the yearly income of the families should be less than 1,00,00 rupees.BPL ration card is found in red color.

3. AAY Ration CardAAY stands for Antyodaya Anna Yojana. AAY Ration Card is generally issued for very poor families who don’t have any fixed income source and hence falls under the very poor section, they can apply for this Ration Card. AAY ration card is yellow in color.

Benefits of Bihar Ration Card 2020

As mentioned earlier, the Ration Card plays an important role in the middle-class and lower-middle-class of our society. Below, we have listed some of the benefits of the Bihar Ration Card.

  • You can use a ration card for identity purposes.
  • Ration Card is used to get subsidized food grains such as rice, sugar, kerosene, etc. given by the govt.
  • You can also use it to get a Driving License.
  • To get Voter ID from the election commission, a copy of the ration card is required.

Important Documents of Bihar Ration Card

  • Aadhar Card of the applicant
  • Bank account passbook
  • Bihar Ration Card List
  • Income certificate
  • LPG Connection Number
  • Valid Mobile number

Bihar Ration Card List 2020| बिहार राशन कार्ड सूची | How to Check online

Dear viewers, I have seen many websites that claim to show Bihar Ration Card List 2020, but unfortunately, people don’t find it simple and easy. Often, people visit websites after the website for the right information. So, Our main objective is to help you ration card check-in just few simple steps

Let us see how can you check your name in aepds Bihar:

  • To check the new ration card list, first, visit the official website of the Bihar Food and Consumer Protection Department. To visit the website, Click Here
Bihar Ration Card List
  • When you click on the above link, you will be re-directed to the above page. The page contains all the districts of Bihar. Select your district and wait for the page to load.
  • Now all the blocks of the selected district will display on the screen.
  • Click on your block, you will see all the Gaon Panchayat belongs to that particular block.
  • Then select the Gaon Panchayat you belong.
  • When you click on that, you will see a list of all the dealer’s names under the panchayat.
  • Now, click on the dealer’s name of your area.
  • Here you will see all the list of ration cardholders and their name, Check your name from the list
  • To check the details, click on the ration card number.
  • Finally, You will see all the details of your ration card details.
  • You can take a screenshot of your ration card or you can take a print out copy of that.

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Bihar Ration Card Download | Ration Card Check Online

  • To download Bihar Ration Card, you have to go to the official website of the department of Bihar Food and Consumer Protection. To visit the website, Click Here.
  • When you click on the above link, you will be re-directed to the Home Page of the website. On the Home page, you will find an option RCMS. Click on this option.
  • When you click, a new page will display. Now select your district.
  • On this page, you have to select either URBAN or RURAL. If you are from rural areas, then select rural else select urban.
  • Now select your block. When you select your block, all list of Panchayats under this block will display in front of you. Select your Panchayat from the list.
  • From the list of Panchayat, choose your Village
  • Now select your FPS (Fair Price Shop) name.
  • When you select the FPS name, a list of all ration cards under that FPS will display. Find the name of the ration card holder and click on the ration card number you want to check.
  • When you click on the ration card number, the ration card details will show on the screen.
  • That’s it guys, your ration card is ready now. You can simply download it or take a print out copy of Ration Card.

Finally, your new Ration card is ready now. You can use it for taking rations from ration shops.