What is WordPress: Simple steps to install WordPress on your PC.

WordPress is basically an open source Content Management System available in free. It is basically written in PHP and Mysql programming Language. WordPress is widely used by bloggers because of its various plugins features though it provides other web content systems like online store and business websites.

Steps to install WordPress:

  1. First, go to the official website of the WordPress or just type in google Download WordPress ( https://wordpress.org/download/ )
  2. Then download the WordPress file zip format. Always download the latest version as it contains more features and security alert.
  3. After that install WAMP server to your PC, otherwise, you can’t operate WordPress. WAMP Server basically allows executing PHP and Mysql queries.
  4. after installing wamp server, go to the www folder and copy the WordPress zip file and extract it to that folder. After that you will get an executable file, just click it. WordPress will start installing into your PC.
  5. After installing, you will be asked to register. So, register with your email ID and a password.
  6. After that, a window will come up, where you will be asked to write the blog name that you want. After, entering you will be re-directed to the Dashboard window.
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The picture above shows the WordPress Dashboard panel from which we control the blog or our website. The left side-bar basically allows you to write, edit, add plugin and traffic analysis. After coming to the Dashboard, you need to install some basic plugin to make your website or blog more functional. In my starting days, when I was new, I committed many mistakes in installing plugins. So, make sure that you install the plugins before publishing your blog.

Suppose you want to analyze the post or pages that you have written are SEO friendly or not, then you can add a plugin Yoast SEO. For this go to the plugin, click on Add New plugin and search just Yoast Plugin. After installing the plugin, you need to activate the plugin otherwise it will not work. Similarly, you can install the other plugins like Ninja Forms, Visitor Statistics, etc.

If you want to change your theme, then go to the Appearance-> theme. There are thousands of free themes available in WordPress. You can search and install any of them. There are paid theme also, Basically paid theme gives some more features like security, SEO friendly, and maintenance.

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