Top 1O SEO tricks to rank your website: 2019 tips and Guide for Beginners


Why SEO for website:

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is basically an online marketing strategy or technique to bring your website on top of search engines such as Google or Yahoo. The search engine gives the result when a user enters a particular keyword. According to Netcraft, there are almost 644 million active websites are there on the internet. So, to bring it to the top of the search results, we generally use some techniques so that the Google algorithm reads our content quickly. That is why SEO is used on websites.

There are two kinds of SEO techniques that are used generally to rank a website.

  • On Page Optimization or On Page SEO
  • Off-page optimization or Off Page SEO

On-page, optimization refers to the techniques used in the webpages to make it Search Engine Friendly so that Google crawlers can read the content and structure of your website. In other words, it is the optimization of content, images, permalink, headings.

Off-page, optimization refers to the techniques used outside your website such as internal links and outbound links used on your website.

Now, we let us see all the techniques used in On-page SEO:

  1. Domain Name: Domain Name must be relevant to the website type. There are 3 kinds of domain. They are: Top-level domain(TLD), Country Code Top-level Domain(ccTLD) and Generic Top-level domains(GTD). if you are running a business, then go for TLD domains as it allows to rank worldwide such as xyz .com domain.
  2. Title & Description of your website: Always use the main keyword in the title. The description should be minimum 500 words. Remember, more the article length, more SEO ranking. In description always use the main keyword in the first paragraph and last paragraph. Keyword Density should be at least 3%.
  3. Meta Tags: Meta tags plays an important role in SEO ranking. Basically, the meta tags are the tags that written in the head section of the HTML. It is written in between <meta></meta> tag.It doesn’t appear on the HTML page but directs the browser to work.
  4. Articles Writing: We know that “Content is the king”.   SO, the content that is most relevant to the title will have better SEO ranking.
  5. Optimized Images and Videos: The size of the images and videoes used in the article must be optimized, otherwise the website will not load even and hence visitor will bounce back as soon as they come to your website. The size of the images should be less than 100kB.

Off page SEO generally follows these steps:

off-page SEO nowadays refers to backlinks. The backlinks are the links of your website which is being associated with other websites. Nowadays, everyone runs after the backlinks because Google recognizes the website which has more valid backlinks. There are 2 kinds of backlinks are there. These are:

  1. Do follow Links
  2. No -follow Links

Now let us see the various techniques that are used in Off-page SEO to rank any website

  1. Submit site to Google Webmaster: Google provides us a tool that allows us to index our website quickly. For that, you just need to upload the sitemap of your site to the google webmaster tool. The URL of the webpage will rank within 24 hours.
  2. Blog Commenting: You can comment on popular blogs and submit URL of your site. As soon as the admin approve your comment, you will get backlinks for your site.
  3. Directory Submission: You can submit your site to different directories in google which will give you free backlinks.
  4. Lastly, to get the backlinks, there are few paid tools available which will provide the backlinks for your website. The most popular is “ahref and SEMrush”. You can try any one of them. This tool will give you a detailed analysis of your competitors.

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