Digital Marketing

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What is Digital Marketing: Types of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is an online marketing technique to promote any service or products on online platforms like Google, Facebook or any digital platform.  Since there are almost 4 billion internet users worldwide, hence marketing or promoting any products through online platform becomes easier.  Digital Marketing is cost-effective compared to manual offline marketing.

Web Development

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What is WordPress: Simple steps to install WordPress on your PC.

WordPress is basically an open source Content Management System available in free. It is basically written in PHP and Mysql programming Language. WordPress is widely used by bloggers because of …

How to start a blog in 2019

How to start a Blog in 2019: Make Money Online

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Web Designing and Career Opportunity

Search Engine Optimization(S.E.O)

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Top 10 free Backlinks Generator Tool

Top 10 Free backlinks generator Tool in Online

Nowadays, Backlinks acts as the backbone of any successful website or blog. More the backlinks, more the weight. But the link must be Do-follow links. So today we will learn …